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The wonders of modern technology….

…the more advanced it gets, the more temperamental it becomes.

I’ve had Sonar Artist installed on my PC at home for a while now, and have been using it to mess around with ideas for new songs. I recently decided to upgrade to get access to extra features, plugins etc. I have their ‘Command Centre’ installed, which is supposed to make installs, upgrades and updates easier. So, yesterday morning I sat down and hit go…

Now, my first issues was installing with the Command Centre – the main program failed to install. Eventually I resorted to downloading it from the website. I then went back into Command Centre to install everything else. Most of the plugins succeeded, with a handful of failures, but I thought I’d worry about that later.

I load up Sonar, start playing around with some of the new VSTs and want to record. I’ve got my audio interface plugged in, speakers switched on and I’m ready… there’s just one problem… I can’t hear the metronome. It’s definitely running, I set the pre-count, hit record and can count the time waiting for the tracking bar to start scrolling across. So… why can’t I hear it? As a friend pointed out, I could have just recorded an audio track to use, but it’s the metronome damn it! It should just work! Google was surprisingly unhelpful as was the Sonar support site – I could only find references to old versions of Sonar (X1, X2 etc). None the less, I gave them all a go but to no avail.

Today, I decided to uninstall everything related to my DAW including the Command Centre and start again, only this time I did direct downloads of every executable from the website. I started installing just Sonar, and I’ve never been so happy to hear the usually annoying tick of a metronome in my life! Quite sad really, but I thought it must have been too good to be true, expecting something else to fail as catastrophically as the metronome the first time round. One by one I install all the extensions and plugins, a 2 hours later I load Sonar up again. No issues… No issues?! WIN!!

I consider myself reasonably tech savvy – I’m not an expert, but I know my way around most things. Although it took around 2 and a half hours to do, I could have spent 10 hours this weekend being productive instead of ranting at my monitor. Hopefully next weekend will be more of a success.

Dom Whittard

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